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A type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.

In our feature articles, we will be showcasing selections of the wonderful six word stories submitted to our bi-weekly word and theme prompts. New bi-weekly prompts will also be announced here.

Word Prompt: Sue

Courtroom LiesTo sue
         s h a m e l e s s l y
Shakes the
         s h a r d s
GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!- I sue...
*Litigation*Litigation, societies nightmare. Sue, sue, sue.
2013 Delice1941
15th January2013
Word Prompt : Sue"Sue me then, I sure would" Susan regrets becoming a lawyer"Sue."
"No, sue!"
"Not again…"
The Great TrialLet´s sue them for all illusions. I winSue results: I lost… a father

Theme Prompt: Help!

HelpHollow. Numb. You can't help me. :thumb348894650: Help!Lying in wait...
 s t a l k
            t e n s e
                        P O U N C E !
Who is me? :thumb348773017: Your EyesEndlessly falling.
Locked eyes, saw...
HelpTurning away...hoping you'll chase me. Blustery HelpA gale pushed the unmoving car. Help!Four guys made a silly film. Help"Nobody ever offers help."
"F1 does!"
Help..."Please...will you help me?"
Bullheaded"Need some help miss?"
"Piss Off"
*Silent Movie*Silent movies, scream for help implicit.
2013 Delice1941
15th January2013

The Next Round of Bi-Weekly Prompts!

Word Prompt: Sweet
-> Submission Folder

Theme Prompt: Bridge
-> Submission Folder

Submissions for these prompts will be accepted from Monday, January 28th to Monday, February 11th.

Please take into account the Prompt Guidelines before submission.

Also be sure to read our guidelines about what makes a six word story.


If you have suggestions for a prompt that we could do, send us a note with the subject Prompt Idea! and make sure to include what type of Prompt it is for (either 'Word' or 'Theme').

If you have queries regarding prompts, contact don't hesitate to contact us! :love:
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