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ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the deviantART community.

In order to support those efforts, we encourage dedicated users to give comments too. For those who are critics, artists, or just helpful in the community, we now offer something in return for all that you do - be it helping the participants of ProjectComment, or the group itself!

This article focuses on awesome deviants, who have given fantastic comments, through excerpts of those comments, artwork by the deviants themselves, and much more! Your support in :+fav: the article would be much appreciated. :heart:

Spotlight Commenter : hefeigal!

Each month, ProjectComment will select one member from within the group to be our Spotlight, based on the comments we have seen in our gallery submissions! We choose this member based on the quality, and reliability of their comments and their dedication to the community.

:iconhefeigal:, hefeigal, Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

Commented on Svearicus the faerie by TossarN.

Svearicus the faerie by TossarN
"Nice work! The wings have a beautifully translucent texture, and the blue looks great!

However, I feel as if the torso is a bit awkward. The angle of the head suggests a 3/4 view, but the torso is drawn head-on, which creates a rather strange pose. I'd suggest making the right (his left) shoulder obscure the chest slightly, since it wold be closer to the 'camera' than the other. :D Personally, I'd make the shoulders a touch smaller as well, but that's just my opinion.

Also, I'd recommend making the left (his right) eye a bit smaller, as his head is turned slightly. Like his shoulder, the left eye is farther away from the 'camera' than the other, so it would be a bit smaller.
That was a bit long...let me know if I can clarify anything!

Here is a selection of art created by hefeigal.
:thumb317178059: :thumb342975547: :thumb294441058:
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Calling All Commenters!

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Q. How often do you comment?

Lucky Draw Selection

I Am a TreeI am a deciduous tree
Growin from my roots individual-ly.
From the stump
Up from the trunk
And out sproutin' branches
Reason for each season
Spring's in.
I blossom,
Shower me in flowers
Because I feel damn awesome.
Squirrels cuddle me-
Synonymous to girls lovin' me-
No need to get the mud off me-
Livin off of the puddle Be-
Cause, I got chlorophyll
On the forest hill
And any inch of growth
Is more than a chore I killed.
Fall's around the corner, and I can still breathe,
But it hurts because all my leaves...leave.
Weather's ranging, colors changing.
Like an abstract painting.
Picture framing
Leaves to the floor
The wind and rakes score.
I have no eyes but I can feel a departure,
Then winter hits the door, I become a skeleton
Any signs of life, I am repellin' it..
My branches broke 'cause they're delicate
My birds flyin' with seagulls, pelicans.
And it's so cold that my bark is sub-degree
Carry extra layers if you wanna come with me.
Dare me to sleep past February.
Spring's back
Heroes In A Half Shell! by Tigueron Neck Corset Halloween-Style by Costumy crazy nestlings by ledaryuga Nature in the Dark by yoge1993

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Three Comment Challenges for February

Do one of the below well and you may win yourself 10 :points:! Please link us to your efforts in this blog, though, otherwise you may not get your 10 :points:! :nuu:

:star: Constructively comment on a piece that you're not familiar with in terms of the genre of art and/or medium!
There is a listing that may help you here!

:star: Participate in our Group Sketch Thread by constructively commenting on the sketches featured!

:star: Try to include at least three external resources in one of your constructive comments!

If you have suggestions for any more comment challenges we can do, feel free to note us at ProjectComment!

Favourites Selection by Riemea

Hey Dad Look At Me by renen02 Ode to Botticelli by jodyharrington Stones by michael160693 AwakeningOn the first day, the day that I woke, all I could see was light.
It was a gradual thing, the awakening. Slowly I became aware of being, of existing, and the humming in my mind rose to a maximum. I lay there for a while, letting thoughts drift over my body, moving my fingers one by one. Then my eyes fluttered open and I could see nothing but whiteness. The gauzy blur faded and I was able to make out shapes: a door, a clock. I turned my head fractionally to the side to see a table, washed in white like everything else. No windows. There was a movement in the corner of my eye and then I felt a cool touch on my arm. I exhaled, then blacked out.
When I came to, I was greeted with a face. I drew in a sharp breath and it disappeared from my line of vision as I pushed away the layers of starched fabric pinning me down. I sat up. There was a figure standing by the door, facing away from me as if in thought. As it turned, I saw again that same face that had startled me, so full of hatred and co
A Matter of Time
A Matter of Time
You think Sandy's got vengeance in its eyes?
You see vengeance everywhere don’t you?
In the fast, wet winds churning around your Queens apartment
In the lightning flashes on Ocean Parkway where we walked once like a
Couple of refugees.
The waves will be taller than you, they’re saying
But I imagine you sitting on a grey dock somewhere
Oblivious of official warnings
Your dark wavy hair sticking to your forehead of scattered lies
And losses,
Your hard, careless body framed in endless brine.
I might not be allowed to love you anymore
But the rules of capturing, consuming and catenating happen to be
As fluid as that road where water now rushes in the direction of
Gaping news cameras.
If you think Sandy’s got vengeance in its eyes
Why don’t you stop hiding behind words and walls and webs
And have a staring contest with me?
Debjani Chakravarty 2012
Tomb Raider Inks by devgear Gift Art w/ Kaizer617 - Devilman by Ryujisama Princess of the Spirits by clockworkViper

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Featured Commenters by VimislikArt & Riemea

These commenters are determined by you, the users, through Nominations (read below for more information). Each week we will be selecting a few of the most frequently or positively nominated commenters. Anyone on deviantART is applicable for this feature!


Commented on The Experimental by hefeigal.

:thumb319900225: "The feel that it gives in the start is perhaps slightly cliched - of not being able to enter a parents study... or perhaps a guardians study, but I am totally fine with it since such a general idea can be crafted uniquely like this work did. The little information about the code being the girl's birthday has its own effect on the reader (if thought about for a moment). Either it instills love for his girl or perhaps... a more sinister purpose as was unveiled. [...]"

Here is a selection of art created by the Commenter, NotenSMSK.
My Lover, My Slave"Delusional heart; 
come, waste no whimper my dear
for the night is young"

Have a browse of their Gallery!


Commented on shining through despair by luckydesigns.

shining through despair by luckydesigns"This is very nice shot. I really like the golden light. To me it's very peaceful :) I also like the combination of soft light and that thorny plant. The tree log next to the plant also adds to the picture. Everything is nice here. I only have some suggestions:

Try to crop one third of the picture from the left hand side. I think the plant itself is perfectly enough to say the story of this image. On the left hand side it's empty and nothing interesting.[...]"

Here is a selection of art created by the Commenter, mnoruzi.
Vintage Car by mnoruzi No title by mnoruzi
Have a browse of their Gallery!


Commented on Model project by PedroHenrique-2.

:thumb346050613: "I really like the concept behind this piece. I think that it's a really important statement about beauty and I like the ways that you've chosen to display them. I do think that some of the styles are a little strange. I know that in the fashion world there are often crazy outfits and styles that crop up, but some of these confused me a little in this picture. For me, it detracted a little bit away from the idea of perfection. [...]"

Here is a selection of art created by the Commenter, f1utterby3.
Mitch Lucker Tribute by f1utterby3 The Fault in Our Stars by f1utterby3
Have a browse of their Gallery!

Artist Q & A

This is an open call to artists to reply to this blog with any specific questions on art that you'd like answered! We'll include the questions in our next article and hopefully get the answers you require!

How To Nominate

We need nominations of deviants who you think should be featured!
Send us a note with the subject "Nomination" and the following information.
    :bulletblue: The name of the Deviant you are nominating. :bulletblue: Link(s) to the deviation(s) on which they commented. (The more, the better!) This is great way to give back to a user who has given you an exceptional comment!
    • You can suggest anyone and everyone (except yourself ;P) at any time and include as many nominations as you want in one note.
    • The news feature occurs once every month and all nominations will be taken into account.
    • If your nomination isn't featured immediately, it may still be featured in a future news article!

3wyl, posting on behalf of ProjectComment
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jodyharrington Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2013
Thanks so much!
Riemea Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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Thanks for the feature... and I'm glad I can help :)
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Felizias Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can not realy tell how often I comment. :P I only comment on art that sticks out to be for some reason. Whether it be a style I've never seen before, an interesting composion or concept or maybe it's just a pose I like or something different from what the artist usualy creates. :)
This depends on time too, of course... ^^; But if you'd ask me to comment on one or a few pieces and wouldn't mind not knowing if I'll only write a short comment or a small critique I would most likely do it. :aww:
3wyl Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah.. yes, I get what you mean! I think it's a good thing.. mostly because you become selective then and.. yeah, it's better for us all if one is like that, no?

Sounds good! :D
Felizias Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it can be realy bad if an artist wants to improve but her/his work is not "interesting" enough to get any attention or feedback. :P
3wyl Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That's a fair point to consider. :plotting:
NotenSMSK Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for featuring me! It means a lot to me! I am really out of words to express my gratitude for being nominated!
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thank you so much for including my work!
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Q. How often do you comment?
All of the time :la: I'm kinda a comment whore D:
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