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Artists join deviantART to share their art and appreciate others. Due to the many artists out there, it's easy to get towed under and generally obscured from the public.

Make a Difference aims to do exactly that. This series of articles will hopefully make a difference to you as well as the artists featured weekly. Just by giving one minute of your time to write constructive comments, favourites and even watches will make a difference to these artists.

:iconrobinhalioua:'s landscapes are magnificent and awe-inspiring. The lighting and colours are both key features that work together so well to convey a scenery that is pretty mesmerising indeed!

Autumn Morning by RobinHalioua Autumn Fields by RobinHalioua Blooming wild garlic by RobinHalioua The poet by RobinHalioua Flower Road by RobinHalioua Magic Forest by RobinHalioua Enchanted Forest by RobinHalioua Tuscany Spring by RobinHalioua

RobinHalioua's Gallery

:iconbleedthedream180:'s poetry is profound in concept, further highlighted through the brilliant use of rhythm and rhyme. The subjects portrayed are often things we can really relate to, especially as many of the poems are written very well, making it easier to engage with the topics discussed.

:thumb342375190: ~ An extract from Rage Day
"I meltdown like a volcano erupting
Onto a blanket of snow where the lava's disrupting
The particles' flow; they speed up and go
As the rage builds from my head to my toes."

:thumb337633348: ~ An extract from Merry-Go-Round
"What were we before then?
Is there truth to claim?
Was it planned or random chance
I hold my name today?"

:thumb337275890: ~ An extract from Enlisted
"Before I knew it I enlisted
To fight others sick and twisted
To help others unassisted
With guns or hands tightly-fisted"

BleedTheDream180's Gallery

:iconcarloscara:'s pieces all have awesome impact, the line work and painting done so effectively that we almost feel the force of what is being illustrated here. Composition is often fantastic and the details included are simply wonderful.

Jupiter Stormmistress by carloscara Dungeons and Dragons: environment test by carloscara Avillum: Blacksmith tools by carloscara Fight by carloscara Avillum: Animist Staff by carloscara Avillum: Forest Critters by carloscara post apocalyptic gang by carloscara Princess Merida by carloscara

carloscara's Gallery

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Thank you for reading. Please Make a Difference today. :D
cality Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Amazing selection! :la:
lexxii Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well Done :iconflowersplz: :) :iconchristmasla:
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