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Artists join deviantART to share their art and appreciate others. Due to the many artists out there, it's easy to get towed under and generally obscured from the public.

Make a Difference aims to do exactly that. This series of articles will hopefully make a difference to you as well as the artists featured weekly. Just by giving one minute of your time to write constructive comments, favourites and even watches will make a difference to these artists.

:iconshamelessrain: The effect of these photographs is quite subtle, and yet powerful too in the underlying impact it has. The locations are fantastic and the timing feels just right in every photo, the colours further reaffirming that.

Fall in Idaho by ShamelessRain Reflective Calm by ShamelessRain Winter Loses its Grasp by ShamelessRain Sawtooth Mountains by ShamelessRain Snow Capped Sunset by ShamelessRain Right Turn Only by ShamelessRain Shoshone Falls by ShamelessRain Owyhee Sunrise by ShamelessRain

ShamelessRain's Gallery

:iconcrystelclear1104: can write in many tones, many styles, and still the piece is intriguing and engaging enough for us to be caught up in the concept and the direction of where the piece itself leads.

:thumb330842365: ~ An extract from The Shadow Caster
"We're Indians, you see, and education is always number one - it even dominated religion in our home. Test on Monday? Fine, don't go to church today. Stay home and study."

:thumb324477285: ~ An extract from Never
"Time after time

:thumb318783173: ~ An extract from Take Me To the Night
"This darkness is beautifully sweet;
Let's hide inside it, inside our dreams,
Show me that you're what you seem."  

crystelclear1104's Gallery

:icondeanius: Barely any constructive comments, DEANIUS' art is glorious! Many of the pieces take a form that connects us to our inner child in a way, and yet it is done so professionally too.

Scared Yet? by DEANIUS Clappers Countryside by DEANIUS Best Detective Ever? by DEANIUS HustleBot by DEANIUS iPainting iReland by DEANIUS How To Defeat a Mutant Snail ... by DEANIUS Lark Hartstone by DEANIUS Pizza Boy by DEANIUS

DEANIUS' Gallery

Make a Difference 1 by 3wyl Make a Difference 2 by 3wyl Make a Difference 3 by 3wyl Make a Difference 4 by 3wyl  Make a Difference 5 by 3wyl

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Thank you for reading. Please Make a Difference today. :D
ShamelessRain Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
:aww: Thanks for the feature :)
crystelclear1104 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the feature!!
Jenniej92 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oee pretty arts :D
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