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September 1, 2012
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The Commenter System is supported through a group of "Commenters", those who have offered to give feedback so that others can directly directly request a constructive comment.

How To Request a Comment

Find a commenter from the list below and send them a note with subject, "Project Comment - Comment Please!", linking the deviation(s) you would like comments on. Feel free to include any questions that may help the commenter in their comments!

Each Commenter is listed under the category of art they are wiling to comment on, along with -
  • The amount of deviations, per week, that each deviant can send.
  • Their specialities, exceptions, and preferences on the art they will critique.
  • SAMPLE : (hover over each element for more information) Username 5/w [Except] [Only] [Prefers] [Specialty]
Unsure which commenter to request a comment from? Note one of our admins with your piece and we'll suggest someone for you!

Besides the restrictions each Commenter states, there are no limitations on the deviations you send them. It doesn't matter how many comments it has already received or how many groups it's a part of -  the only important thing is that it follows deviantART's rules and that it is your own work.

For a visual tutorial on requesting a comment, please click here!

How To Become a Commenter

Send us a note with subject, "Commenter", containing the following:
  • Categories of art you would like to comment on.
  • The amount of comments, per user, that you can make, per week.
  • Any exceptions, preferences, specializations you may have.
  • Whether you would like to receive weekly notes containing deviations that need commenting.
  • A link to one constructive comment on a deviation listed in our Targeted Commenting blog.

Every little bit helps, so even if you only sign up for one sub-category and can only comment on a single deviation per week, we would really appreciate your contribution!

To show how much we are thankful of your efforts, we will be featuring those commenters that spend the most effort commenting, and we may go further in way of :points: and more! :la:

All Categories
dviouslecunning 1/w [Specialty]
Hermy-one 1/w [Except]
mochikoTiger 1/w [Except]
pinballwitch 1/w
Scarlet-Wings-Kaili 1/w [Except] [Specialty]
Laughe 1/w [Except] [Specialty]
Hexacun 2/w [Except] [Prefers]
WorldWar-Tori 2/w [Except] Prefers]
Bansini 3/w [Except] [Prefers] [Specialty]
Azymic 3/w [Except] [Prefers] [Specialty]
Astrikos 4/w [Except]
autreridesign 4/w [Except] [Only]
Soph-art-lover 4/w [Prefers] [Specialty]
laurentiusmark93 5/w [Except] [Prefers]
Lexi247 5/w
ROBOCOP603 5/w [Except] [Specialty]
TheRafflesia 5/w [Only] [Except]
affectionateTea ∞ [Except] [Prefers]
andreareno ∞ [Except] [Prefers]
phoenixleo ∞ [Except]

Digital Art
Felizias 1/w [Specialty]
MelikeBAt 1/w [Except] [Prefers]
RetSamys 1/w [Except] [Prefers] [Specialty]
Xildaen 1/w [Except] [Specialty]
balefyren 2/w [Except] [Prefers]
BGinks 2/w [Except]
lu--24 2/w [Except]
Pianocanival 2/w [Except]
The1Enchantress 2/w [Except]
apples-ishness 3/w
aslix 3/w
AKira1189 3/w [Specialty]
DTKinetic 3/w [Except] [Specialty]
MjaxMajoran 3/w [Except]
AyakaYougen 5/w
BornToDoStuff 5/w [Prefers] [Except]
El-Be 5/w
ValaSedai 5/w [Only]
ayec ∞ [Except] [Specialty]
LanaDelKing ∞ [Only]

Felizias 1/w
Griffin-Fire 1/w [Except] [Prefers]
inacom 1/w [Specialty]
EatingTheSun 2/w [Except]
The1Enchantress 2/w [Except]
WorldWar-Tori 2/w
autreridesign 4/w [Except]
AKira1189 5/w
BornToDoStuff 5/w [Prefers] [Except]
jbone72 5/w [Specialty]
Zozzy777 5/w
LanaDelKing ∞ [Only] [Specialty]

Traditional Art
MelikeBAt 1/w [Except] [Prefers]
sakunokishimori 1/w  [Except]
Wyntry 1/w [Prefers] [Specialty]
Xildaen 1/w [Specialty]
lu--24 2/w [Except] [Prefers] [Specialty]
NeverMore-X 2/w
The1Enchantress 2/w [Except]
aslix 3/w
MjaxMajoran 3/w [Except]
psycheankh 3/w [Prefers]
Tryskacik 3/w [Specialty]
AyakaYougen 5/w
Zozzy777 5/w [Specialty]
ayec ∞ [Except] [Specialty]
LanaDelKing ∞ [Only]

GrnAce 1/w [Prefers]
RetSamys 1/w [Only]
sakunokishimori 1/w  [Except] [Prefers]
sun-lily 1/w [Except] [Prefers]
xxEmi-AnGeL-chanxx 1/w [Except] [Specialty]
NeverMore-X 2/w [Except]
Pianocanival 2/w [Specialty]
RhikoCloud 2/w [Except] [Specialty]
The1Enchantress 2/w [Except] [Specialty]
WorldWar-Tori 2/w [Only]
ValaSedai 2/w [Specialty]
forever-yours-xo 3/w [Except][Prefers]
icanthinkofgoodname 3/w [Prefers][Specialty]
ladydesada 3/w [Except] [Prefers] [Specialty]
MjaxMajoran 3/w [Except] [Specialty]
AyakaYougen 5/w
Dr-Vergissmeinnicht 5/w [Except] [Specialty]
AlphaManifest ∞ [Only] [Specialty]
MabusTheDark ∞ [Only] [Except]

Fan Art
MyC-chan 1/w
AKira1189 3/w [Specialty]
illeity 3/w [Specialty]
MjaxMajoran 3/w [Except]
ayec ∞ [Except] [Specialty]

DevilGal23 1/w
kattugglan 1/w [Except] [Except]
sakunokishimori 1/w  [Except]
Wyntry 1/w [Prefers] [Specialty]
lu--24 2/w [Except] [Prefers]
AKira1189 3/w [Specialty]
AyakaYougen 5/w
ayec ∞ [Except] [Specialty]

Cartoons & Comics
BGinks 2/w [Except]
StudioIJB 2/w [Except]
AKira1189 3/w [Specialty]
apples-ishness 3/w
MjaxMajoran 3/w [Except]
LanaDelKing ∞ [Except]

Artisan Crafts
Aryiea 2/w [Specialty]
apples-ishness 3/w

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Can I request more than one comment on the same deviation?
    You may send a note to each commenter from whom you would like a comment. Please do not request more than five comments per deviation.
  • I have been waiting a while for my comment, what do I do?
    Commenting takes time, please be patient. We advise commenters to give their comments within a week of receiving the request, but this is not a requirement. In the meantime we encourage you to request a comment from a different user. If you have waited an excessive amount of time, please contact us.
  • I signed up as a commenter, but my name hasn't appeared on the list, what do I do?
    Please give us at least a week to update the list. Contact us if your name is still missing after a week has passed.
  • I need to update/remove my commenter list entry, how do I make these changes?
    Please contact us with the edits that need to be made (give us a week or two to update the list).
  • How long do I have to deliver a comment?
    We advise you to give your comments within a week of receiving the request.
  • I can't comment on [...], what do I do?
    Please contact the requester and let them know why you will not be able to comment on a piece. If the piece requested does not follow the specifications you have listed next to your name, you are not obligated to comment.

    If you feel that you cannot give a comment within a reasonable amount of time (but would otherwise be able to comment a piece), consider lowering the quantity of requests you accept (see above for how to request an update to the list).
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dolphinsrock101 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student Photographer
3wyl Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
You have to contact the commenters listed here personally through notes, otherwise no one is going to see this. :hmm:
dolphinsrock101 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Photographer
oh ok thanks
3wyl Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
We can do it for you, but it's preferable if you contact the commenters so you get a direct communication going, rather than having us as the middle man. :nod:
kaotic-cass Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Request to be a commenter. ^^

1 per week please.

Genre Preference: traditional art, fan art, manga/anime, cartoons/comics.

Please? I love helping people get better comments, this is a cool system. 
CuteFlyingKitty Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I would like to become a Commentator.
Infinity Amount of Requests
Digital Art
Prefers: Character design, cats, fantasy, animals
Except: Mature Content
Prefers: Character design, ponies
Except: Mature Content
RebeccaAlexa Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014   Digital Artist
Such a cool idea! Love it. :D
3wyl Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm glad!
LanaDelKing Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Request to be Commentator:

∞ Amount of Requests 

Digital Art | Paintings, drawings, vectors, photomanips and posters.

Photography | Animals, plants and nature, landscapes  

Traditional Art | Paintings, drawings {finished work}

Cartoon and comics | Not mature content

Please? :heart:
3wyl Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Will add you, thanks!
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