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3wyl has started a donation pool!
3,425 / 5,000
This donation pool is primarily used for my Groups: ProjectComment, SixWordStories
where all points will be used as prizes for ongoing projects that inspire and motivate members to mix with other members in the deviantART community and to be more active overall.

Any donations at all would be much appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance! :love:

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General Photography Daily Deviations Guidelines

Before Suggesting

~ Please take note that...
:bulletblue: Deviants are active on deviantART.
:bulletblue: Deviants have not received a Daily Deviation in the past 6 months.
:bulletblue: Deviation is from the Photography Gallery only, and only from these following sub-galleries: Commercial, Fireworks, Humorous, Miscellaneous, People & Portraits [Only Classic Portraits, Emotive Portraits, Expressive, Infants and Children, Miscellaneous, Self-Portraits, Spontaneous Portraits, Weddings], Still Life, Transportation.

:bulletblue: Self-suggestions are welcome!
:bulletblue: It's better if EXIF data is displayed, but fine if not.
:bulletblue: Lesser known or Under-appreciated deviants are preferred.

During Suggestion

~ Please take note that...
Only one photographer to be suggested, per note, to one Community Volunteer/Staff Member.

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

  • Subject of the note: DD Suggestion
  • Body of the note:

    • 1. Thumb of suggested deviation (Thumbcode can be found on the right side of the deviation page under Thumb: :thumb#######:)
    • 2. Reason for suggested deviation (Why it receives a Daily Deviation, what is really good about it, etc.) [Optional]

After Suggesting

~ Please take note that...
:bulletblue: Many suggestions are welcome! (Must be in separate notes)
:bulletblue: You should receive a reply back within 48 hours.
:bulletblue: If your suggestion is not accepted, please do not be disheartened; I'm always open for more suggestions!

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`3wyl's impact within our community in only 1 year is nothing short of astounding. Her constistently positive approach and eclectic gallery are testament to her love of art and desire to constantly improve. But not only that, `3wyl is well known for participating in projects and events, promoting beautiful artwork and generally providing an all round super deviant attitude to which we should all aspire. It's with no hesitation that we are delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for November 2010 to `3wyl, congratulations!
-awarded November 2010

~ { -ikins & -wainy <3 }

'Expressing the Inexpressibility'



What do you use for your bed (underneath the mattress) and why? 

20 deviants said Box Spring (or similar) ~ Please comment!
18 deviants said Wooden Slats (or similar) ~ Please comment!
5 deviants said Other ~ Please comment!



Nov 27, 2014
5:57 pm
Nov 27, 2014
12:22 pm
Nov 27, 2014
12:17 pm
Nov 27, 2014
11:46 am
Nov 27, 2014
10:54 am



Forum & General Photography CV
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
I am here...
  • To get involved with the community
  • To promote the artwork of others
  • To provide feedback to my fellow artists
If I can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to contact me through Notes! I will be happy to feature, comment, pimp and answer any questions that you may have about anything. :love:

People have been kind enough to interview and feature me: ..... | ....

Want Guaranteed & Constructive Comments?

Founder of

Co-Founder of

Contributor of

I am like you.
Don't treat me as someone superior or inferior to you.
Don't presume to know anything about who and what I am through what I say or what I do.
I like to confuse people. I also forget easily.
Why? That's a question I ask often. No, literally.
...but thank you. Thank you for visiting this page, and for your support, but, probably the most important thing...
thank you for being here.
Was that scary? I thought so too.


Simply put, what is your favourite when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner and why? :la:
What do you use for your bed (underneath the mattress) and why?
20 deviants said Box Spring (or similar) ~ Please comment!
18 deviants said Wooden Slats (or similar) ~ Please comment!
5 deviants said Other ~ Please comment!

Challenge Fun #29 Winner!

Thu Nov 27, 2014, 12:43 AM by 3wyl:icon3wyl:


We hosted our twenty-ninth weekly Challenge Fun in the Deviants Forum for the chance to win a 3 Month Premium Membership or the equivalent in :points:!

The challenge was to create an advert around a known (company) slogan, to set the scene and explain what happens in this advert. There were so many brilliant entries from so many people that I'd like to mention these people and their responses first. :clap:

In no particular order:

Ford F-150 Commercial

There is a Chevy truck driving along the road and it skids over the edge of the cliff and falls into the water below and sinks as the slogan says "Like a Rock". Then the Ford F-150 slows down and looks over the edge and drives on.


A shot of a Year 5 classroom creating signs and decorations for a school fair. There is mess everywhere and several children are screaming at the teacher about various problems. The teacher calls in the teaching aid to supervise, and takes a trip to Staples, where she has several banners and posters printed at the Copy and Print station. Cut to the school fair, where a parent expresses how fantastic the decorations look, and asks how the teacher got the class to cooperate. The teacher shrugs with a nonchalant smile and says, "Oh, that was easy".


[A young girl looks up out of the hotel pool and sees a British Airways plane fly past. The camera looks back down and it's her again but this time she's a teen. She's in a museum looking at some old art. The camera goes past a wall and changes to her looking at a map when she's a late teen in her flat. The camera zooms in on the map and zooms out to when she's an adult arriving in arrivals to see her parents meeting her from her trip around the world]
'British Airways. To fly. To serve.'

After some epic responses, the winner is... JParadoxx for their piece:

A five year old boy is sick in bed, just as the sun rises. He grabs an apple off of his nightstand, glaring at it skeptically. Pouting, he takes a bite of the apple just as his doctor enters his bedroom, stethoscope in hand. Suddenly, there is a blast from the apple that misses the boy and his bed, which leads to the doctor running down the stairs in fright. He then murmurs, "I guess Mom was right. An apple a day really does keep Mr. Flu-Shot away... Toodles, doc!"

Congratulations JParadoxx! :clap:

:iconcrphotography: CRPhotography

The central heart of the Photography Gallery on deviantART. We are a group dedicated to photography, for all photographers, here for the amateurs, the pro's, and those who simply don't know!

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityops:

To Be Seen .116

Wed Nov 26, 2014, 10:38 AM by 3wyl:icon3wyl:


A weekly article featuring five photographers from all areas in the deviantART community. Spare a bit of time to take a gander at the photographs and their respective galleries showcased below!


manyan 6 by baradishka 11-6-3 by baradishka apolinariya 2 by baradishka
brovkina by baradishka nast 13 by baradishka


snow... follow me by kpubo-gete N24 by kpubo-gete dust. by kpubo-gete
the.ladybug. by kpubo-gete o.o.o.o.o by kpubo-gete

If you have any suggestions for (improving) the Photography Gallery, anything photography related in communityrelations that you would like/we could provide for you (features, interviews, contests, news, tutorials, etc.), or even anything Chats & Forums related, please do not hesitate to send me a note!

Likewise, any questions, just ask them here and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thank you! :love:

3wyl, posting on behalf of communityrelations

:iconcrphotography: CRPhotography

The central heart of the Photography Gallery on deviantART. We are a group dedicated to photography, for all photographers, here for the amateurs, the pro's, and those who simply don't know!

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityops:

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