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3wyl has started a donation pool!
3,446 / 5,000
This donation pool is primarily used for my Groups: ProjectComment, SixWordStories
where all points will be used as prizes for ongoing projects that inspire and motivate members to mix with other members in the deviantART community and to be more active overall.

Any donations at all would be much appreciated.
Thank you so much in advance! :love:

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General Photography Daily Deviations Guidelines

Before Suggesting

~ Please take note that...
:bulletblue: Deviants are active on deviantART.
:bulletblue: Deviants have not received a Daily Deviation in the past 6 months.
:bulletblue: Deviation is from the Photography Gallery only, and only from these following sub-galleries: Commercial, Fireworks, Humorous, Miscellaneous, People & Portraits [Only Classic Portraits, Emotive Portraits, Expressive, Infants and Children, Miscellaneous, Self-Portraits, Spontaneous Portraits, Weddings], Still Life, Transportation.

:bulletblue: Self-suggestions are welcome!
:bulletblue: It's better if EXIF data is displayed, but fine if not.
:bulletblue: Lesser known or Under-appreciated deviants are preferred.

During Suggestion

~ Please take note that...
Only one photographer to be suggested, per note, to one Community Volunteer/Staff Member.

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

  • Subject of the note: DD Suggestion
  • Body of the note:

    • 1. Thumb of suggested deviation (Thumbcode can be found on the right side of the deviation page under Thumb: :thumb#######:)
    • 2. Reason for suggested deviation (Why it receives a Daily Deviation, what is really good about it, etc.) [Optional]

After Suggesting

~ Please take note that...
:bulletblue: Many suggestions are welcome! (Must be in separate notes)
:bulletblue: You should receive a reply back within 48 hours.
:bulletblue: If your suggestion is not accepted, please do not be disheartened; I'm always open for more suggestions!

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
`3wyl's impact within our community in only 1 year is nothing short of astounding. Her constistently positive approach and eclectic gallery are testament to her love of art and desire to constantly improve. But not only that, `3wyl is well known for participating in projects and events, promoting beautiful artwork and generally providing an all round super deviant attitude to which we should all aspire. It's with no hesitation that we are delighted to bestow the Deviousness Award for November 2010 to `3wyl, congratulations!
-awarded November 2010

~ { -ikins & -wainy <3 }

'Expressing the Inexpressibility'




33 deviants said Men's farts stink more than women's farts, and I am a woman.
22 deviants said Women's farts stink more than men's farts, and I am a woman.
9 deviants said Women's farts stink more than men's farts, and I am a man.
6 deviants said Men's farts stink more than women's farts, and I am a man.



Dec 20, 2014
6:03 am
Dec 20, 2014
5:51 am
Dec 20, 2014
5:45 am
Dec 20, 2014
5:08 am
Dec 20, 2014
2:51 am



Forum & General Photography CV
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
I am here...
  • To get involved with the community
  • To promote the artwork of others
  • To provide feedback to my fellow artists
If I can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to contact me through Notes! I will be happy to feature, comment, pimp and answer any questions that you may have about anything. :love:

People have been kind enough to interview and feature me: ..... | ....

Want Guaranteed & Constructive Comments?

Founder of

Co-Founder of

Contributor of

I am like you.
Don't treat me as someone superior or inferior to you.
Don't presume to know anything about who and what I am through what I say or what I do.
I like to confuse people. I also forget easily.
Why? That's a question I ask often. No, literally.
...but thank you. Thank you for visiting this page, and for your support, but, probably the most important thing...
thank you for being here.
Was that scary? I thought so too.


Create art (any medium) related to the holidays of some kind, and then share your creations with us here in this thread! :la:

Deadline: Saturday 27th December
Prize: Best piece gets a 3 Month PM or the equivalent in :points:!

Check our more chat and forum shenanigans here! :eager:
ProjectComment is a Group that provides Guaranteed & Constructive comments for the deviantART community.

In order to support those efforts, we encourage dedicated users to give comments too. For those who are critics, artists, or just helpful in the community, we now offer something in return for all that you do - be it helping the participants of ProjectComment, or the group itself!

This weekly article focuses on the amazing deviants in the deviantART community, who have given fantastic comments, through excerpts of those comments, artwork by the deviants themselves, and much more! Your support in :+fav: the article would be much appreciated. :heart:

Spotlight Commenters

These commenters are determined by you through Nominations (read below for more information). Each month, we will be selecting a couple of amazing commenters based on the comments we have seen in our gallery submissions and elsewhere on deviantART. Anyone on deviantART is applicable for this feature!

:iconmyracuulous:, Myracuulous, Digital Art, Professional
Commented on When you have nothing to do by Nayshi-Erol.

When you have nothing to do by Nayshi-Erol
"Your painting style's really nice, and considering the cartoonish style I think the anatomy is pretty darn solid too. I like Finn's face in particular, it has a lot of character and expressiveness. If you've made any mistake in colouring I think it's composition. It's not bad, per say, just a little boring. The main figure is placed right in the centre, and a lot of the strongest lines in the composition (the side table, the back of the couch, Finn's leg, and parts of the background wall) don't really lead anywhere in particular. Your colour values are all pretty close together too, so the eye doesn't really have anywhere to settle and focus.[...]"

Here is a selection of art created by Myracuulous.
Emergency Repairs by Myracuulous Princess Style by Myracuulous Saracen Knight by Myracuulous
Have a browse of their Gallery!

:iconlaurentiusmark93:, laurentiusmark93, Digital Art, Hobbyist
Commented on Dragon Masque by thatcraftychick.

Dragon Masque by thatcraftychick
"For the White Dragon...
Think, What is the part that had Lighting? In front of Wing or Back part of wing?
You just missed out to put shadow... it's critical so that affect how blended your photomanips are...
The dragon on the left, could you consider to change it? Not blended well so looks like... being... Um... forcing?

Here is my suggestion for... finishing...
PLay with adjusment layers! It can be Gradient, Gradient Map, Color Balance, Curves, Level, and Selection color,
Give some nuance on it, I am sure it will help to make your artwork blend

Here is a selection of art created by laurentiusmark93.
Random Chibi by laurentiusmark93 Stock: Light by laurentiusmark93 Rikka Takanashi Fans Art -Why Hate?- by laurentiusmark93
Have a browse of their Gallery!

:iconsnowtato:, snowtato, Varied, Hobbyist
Commented on Babel by TheOtherKilroy.

Babel by TheOtherKilroy
"First of all, I really appreciate your efforts to make a dynamic piece. There is great contrast here as far as sizes go: we've got the giant structure next to the broad man next to the tiny child, all of which adds visual interest. I also applaud your efforts to show the action from different angles. I certainly does give the piece an epic feel!

As you make the dive into sequential art, you will want to do everything that you can to communicate to your readers. What can you do to make the important details in each panel, or each page, stand out? Look at other comics and see what the artists and layout team do to guide the reader's eye. Right now, all the details on your page seem to have equal visual importance, which makes it difficult to read. I'd recommend sticking word bubbles behind your text to make it more readable, and perhaps blurring the background so that it isn't competing with your characters as much. Blurring everything behind the characters will also add to the very cinematic effect that you seem to be going for.

Here is a selection of art created by snowtato.
Collision by snowtato To Go Home by snowtato Dah Worth by snowtato
Have a browse of their Gallery!

Do you know of a potential Spotlight Commenter? If so, we take nominations. Feel free to note ProjectComment!


Consider commenting on one or more of the below!

A Glimmer of Hope by Schokopir Animal pirates by Cigare-volant Randomz 8 by Cigare-volant

If you want to be in for the chance of being featured, feel free to submit to this folder!

How To Nominate

We need nominations of deviants who you think should be featured! Send us a note with the subject "Nomination" and the following information:
    :star: Name of Deviant

    :star: Links to the deviations they commented. (This is great way to give back to a user who has given you an exceptional comment!
:bulletgreen: You can suggest anyone and everyone (except yourself ;P) at any time and include as many nominations as you want in one note.
:bulletgreen: The news feature occurs once every week and all nominations will be taken into account.
:bulletgreen: If your nomination isn't featured immediately, it may still be featured in a future news article!

3wyl, posting on behalf of ProjectComment
Awesome News
452 deviations

To Be Seen .119

Wed Dec 17, 2014, 12:14 PM by 3wyl:icon3wyl:


A weekly article featuring five photographers from all areas in the deviantART community. Spare a bit of time to take a gander at the photographs and their respective galleries showcased below!


Spring Blossoms by Drake-UK RAF airlift by Drake-UK Stairway to Heaven by Drake-UK
No worries by Drake-UK  Steps by Drake-UK


Grutas de Mira d'Aire 2 by RodrigoMonteiro Ponte Vasco da Gama 15 by RodrigoMonteiro Grutas de Mira d'Aire 3 by RodrigoMonteiro
Grutas de Mira d'Aire 6 by RodrigoMonteiro Grutas de Mira d'Aire 5 by RodrigoMonteiro

If you have any suggestions for (improving) the Photography Gallery, anything photography related in communityrelations that you would like/we could provide for you (features, interviews, contests, news, tutorials, etc.), or even anything Chats & Forums related, please do not hesitate to send me a note!

Likewise, any questions, just ask them here and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thank you! :love:

3wyl, posting on behalf of communityrelations

:iconcrphotography: CRPhotography

The central heart of the Photography Gallery on deviantART. We are a group dedicated to photography, for all photographers, here for the amateurs, the pro's, and those who simply don't know!

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcommunityops:

ProjectComment presents the community of deviantART a project that will question what it really means to be a commenter, an artist, a member of deviantART. All of these challenges relate to commenting in some shape or form, and we sincerely encourage everyone to take part! :la:

You do not have to be brilliant at writing comments and we are not asking you to perform miraculous feats. We are just looking for people willing to make a difference. It is all too easy to receive constructive comments, but giving them is equally, if not more, rewarding.

Each week, a challenge is set with the deviations of those who participated in the previous week featured in a news article. Many thanks to lydiakencana, TheArtfulJellyfish, MjaxMajoran for participating in Week 48!

Brave by TheArtfulJellyfish The Starjax Chronicles: I'm Feline Fine Chapter 1The Starjax Chronicles Volume 3:
I’m Feline Fine
Chapter 1:
All is False Except That Which is True
Love is Loss for Kitten Blue

With a flash Starjax reappeared in a place quite unexpected, then again, he didn't really expect to end up anywhere in particular. He was in a forest, by the size of the trees he could only assume it was a redwood as he began to look around… oddly it was the middle of the night… even more annoying was the hairs in front of his face…
“Ugh, where in Equestria…. did I end up?” taking a brief look around nothing seemed to resemble anything he had ever seen, the grass was dark and almost resembled a depressing shade of pine. the tree’s less smooth and more rugged as if aged. “This makes no sense, it should've only been a three mile radius-” with that Starjax lifted his hoof to his head in thought, except what greeted him was not the hardened texture
Romantic embrace~request from GalaxySeerNumber9 by lydiakencana

Participate in this week's comment challenge…

Constructively comment on one deviation each from three different people on the Commenter System list.



:bulletblue: Once you have commented, link us to your comment in a reply to this article!
:bulletblue: The comment must be newly submitted to deviantART from today's date.
:bulletblue: Please try to include something along the lines of: "Commented on behalf of ProjectComment's 52 Week Comment Challenge" in your comment!
:bulletblue: Feel free to follow our guide on How to Comment - Pointers and Examples. If you are struggling with the concept of a constructive comment, this should help!
:bulletblue: You may do this challenge as many times as you want!

:star: Those who complete the challenge successfully will be featured in a news article, and the one who completes the most challenges successfully will win themselves a 12 Month Premium Membership. There will also be :points: given to the best efforts!

Have Fun! :love:

Collect deviation thumbcodes easier with this script!

ThumbCollect by Kamal-Q


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